Chiropractic Manipulation Relieves the Hurting Spine

May 02, 2017

The spine is grateful for spinal manipulation! It certainly is thankful for what spinal manipulation feels like and rewards its owner with relief of back pain and relaxation. When you bring your Southern New Hampshire spine to New Hampshire Spine and Sport, New Hampshire Spine and Sport treats it gently, safely and effectively. The Southern New Hampshire chiropractic treatment plan includes relieving, research-proven spinal manipulation.

Stops Painful Messages 

Spinal manipulation halts back pain’s messages to the body that it hurts. New Hampshire Spine and Sport understands that our Southern New Hampshire chiropractic back pain patients don’t want to hurt anymore. Spinal manipulation has an anti-nociceptive - anti-pain - effect on back pain. Spinal manipulation allays11 back pain by affecting the pain messages created by irritated spinal nerves. In one specific study, spinal manipulation more effectively hampered pain messages than did tactile sensation (no effect) or mechanical stimulus (no significant effect). (1) New Hampshire Spine and Sport uses Southern New Hampshire spinal manipulation to hamper the spinal disc irritation.

Improving Water Content 

The intervertebral disc of the spine relies on its water content to be healthy and not easily irritated, keep its height and play its role in maintaining spinal mobility and being the shock-absorber between the spinal vertebral bones! That may simplify the disc’s role a bit, but the spinal disc is essential to spinal movement and critical to back pain relief. It’s the most pain-sensitive structure in the spine! (2) New Hampshire Spine and Sport treats the disc and the spine. When compression or exercise exertion taxes the spine, it responds. How? T2 MRI images show reduced value meaning that water content is low in the facet joints and the nucleus pulposus. (3) That is why it is so important to stay hydrated, drink water, and treat the disc to Southern New Hampshire chiropractic care!

Disc Height Increases 

Discs in the lower back do react to Southern New Hampshire chiropractic. Intervertebral disc height enlarges with traction. (4) That is what happens with Cox Technic, the form of spinal manipulation New Hampshire Spine and Sport offers and is proficient in delivering. With Cox Technic, disc height enlarges by 17%, and spinal area increases by 28%. (5) When discs degenerate, they lose disc height. Spinal area decreases. Spinal nerves are more susceptible to irritation. New Hampshire Spine and Sport’s Southern New Hampshire chiropractic care helps diminish that irritation and the associated Southern New Hampshire back pain.

New Hampshire Spine and Sport provides spinal manipulation to relieve back pain. Accompanied by spinal manipulation, New Hampshire Spine and Sport endorses nutritional advice about supplements with glycosaminoglycan elements glucosamine and chondroitin – both tied to the sulfate radical which absorbs fluid. It’s all incorporated into your Southern New Hampshire treatment plan.

Schedule your Southern New Hampshire chiropractic appointment today. Your spine and its discs will reward you for the pain relief they experience at New Hampshire Spine and Sport!