November 05, 2013

Interesting new chiropractic research exposes that chiropractic spinal manipulation lowers neck pain and arm pain! New Hampshire Spine and Sport understands this, but it’s great to have research-documented support to share with our Southern New Hampshire neck pain and arm pain patients!

Chiropractic researchers looked at neck pain and arm pain patients treated by chiropractors for 3 months. They evaluated those patients at 2 weeks, 1 month and 3 months. At just two weeks of care with chiropractic spinal manipulation, 55.3% of the patients reported being “improved”. At one month of chiropractic care, 68.9% of those same patients reported improvement and 85.7% at 3 months of care. (1) That is definitely relief that our Southern New Hampshire neck pain and arm pain patients want!

The chiropractic researchers went on to give more definitive outcomes. For example, 76.2% of the subacute and chronic patients - those whose pain has gone on past 6 to 12 weeks - who even have an MRI-confirmed cervical disc herniation rate their pain as being improved. None of the chiropractic care patients in this study reported adverse side-effects. (1) New Hampshire Spine and Sport is e specially heartened by this type of outcome! The first rule of care is “do no harm”! We strive to only bring relief to our Southern New Hampshire spine pain patients.

So bring your cervical spine pain, neck pain, and arm pain to New Hampshire Spine and Sport. Your Southern New Hampshire chiropractor has just the thing to try for your neck pain and arm pain relief, chiropractic spinal manipulation. Contact New Hampshire Spine and Sport today for a thorough examination and treatment plan for your pain relief.