New Hampshire Spine and Sport Respects the Painful Spine with Evidence-Based Care

October 03, 2017

The spine merits respect. New Hampshire Spine and Sport respects all Southern New Hampshire spines, those in good shape and those in not so good shape. When the spine hurts, it gets attention. The attention the hurting spine gets isn’t always respectful of the guidelines for its pain relief. That fact is receiving notice in the medical research. Evidence based guidelines for a painful spine’s care abound, but they aren’t always respected. They are published but not always read or implemented. The spine deserves better. Your Southern New Hampshire chiropractor respects the spine and complements its trouble to the best evidence-based protocol for its relief which is often times non-surgical and non-drug.


What is recommended and/or beneficial for spine pain often delivered even in Southern New Hampshire? The American Pain Society and the American College of Physicians endorse spinal manipulation for low back pain. (1) Flexion distraction (aka Cox Technic) and manual therapy using joint mobilization techniques and flexion distraction is reported to be effective for low back pain relief. (2) Conservative treatment in the form of spinal manipulation should be tried by patients with chronic low back pain and low back pain related disability. (3) Flexion distraction delivers clinically significant improvement in pain by 79% and disability by 70% at 14.5 months follow-up. (4) Research states that surgical methods and outcomes vary from place to place for patients with the same condition. It calls for standardization of care and the establishment of international guidelines based regarding what works best according to such evidence. (5) New Hampshire Spine and Sport agrees that published guidelines documenting what is best require respectful use.


What is really going on? A recently published article that reviewed the care of Canadian spine pain patients sent for spine surgery came out and reported that “Surgeons do not use clinical practice guidelines before spine surgery.” What did they do? Prescribed medications to 74.2% of them 46.3% of whom got opioids.  61.1% of patients tried two or less non-surgical forms of treatment. The article proposes that if patients received evidence-based non-operative treatments before a spine surgery consultation, fewer would be referred and, in Canada, fewer would get worse as they have to wait so long to get to the surgeon. (6) Lumbar cage fusion rates rose from 3.6% to 58% in 5 years that resulted in increased complication risk without any improvement in disability or reoperation rates. (7) New Hampshire Spine and Sport delivers Southern New Hampshire chiropractic spine care with less invasive, more effective means, particularly with the evidence-based protocols of Cox Technic.


Listen to this PODCAST with medical doctor, Dr. David Moen, who advocates non-surgical care of back pain with chiropractic for less expensive and unnecessary medical care.

Schedule a Southern New Hampshire chiropractic consultation today with the Southern New Hampshire spine specialist at New Hampshire Spine and Sport where your hurting spine is seen with respect and relieving care as evidence documents best.