New Hampshire Spine and Sport Cautions Back Pain Sufferers About Lifting and Flexion

January 08, 2020

Controversy. There is oftentimes controversy in medicine. Controversy can also push medicine to clarity. Such is the case of flexed lifting and its effect on your spine. Your Southern New Hampshire chiropractor cautions Southern New Hampshire back pain patients to cautiously bend, lift and twist as these create low back pain for many. New Hampshire Spine and Sport still does. New studies describe more about the effects of flexion and lifting on the spine and its experience of back pain.


A new research study examined a number of studies about the impact lumbar spine flexion has and its influence on low back pain onset/persistence. Researchers discovered that lumbar spine flexion lifting was not a differentiator for people with and without low back pain. These investigations weren’t specific as to categories of people. They looked at two kinds of people: those with and those without back pain. (1) Other studies studied specific kinds of people.


Researchers decided that the result of forward bending on low back pain is determined by on the kind of job, gender and other such specific factors of workers. They found that construction workers’ experience of low back pain wasn’t influenced by the quantity of time they spent bending forward. They discovered that healthcare workers’ experience of low back pain was altered by the angle of forward bending (more than or equal to 30 degrees triggered low back pain while over 60 degree didn’t). (2) Warehouse workers’ experience of low back pain is influenced by their lifting capacity and psychosocial work environment. Researchers texted workers asking about their low back pain, mental stress, and bodily fatigue over the course of 3 weeks and again at one year. They hoped that an improved design of the work week (work days vs rest days) and a set reasonable maximum lifting threshold per day will assist in preventing low back pain and lessen stress. (3) New Hampshire Spine and Sport works to ensure our work environment is stress-less and low-back-pain-diminishing for everyone, our staff and our Southern New Hampshire chiropractic patients alike!

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Listen to this PODCAST by Dr. Victor Shu on The Back Doctors Podcast with Dr. Michael Johnson. He shares how The Cox® Technic System of Spinal Pain Management managed relief of low back pain for a construction worker whose job certainly strains his spine!

Schedule a back-pain-relieving Southern New Hampshire chiropractic care appointment with New Hampshire Spine and Sport. Controversy aside, low back pain attributable to work environments that require flexion bending and lifting can be well-managed at New Hampshire Spine and Sport.

New Hampshire Spine and Sport helps workers with their low back pain due to forward bending, lifting and twisting.