March 10, 2015

“Mommy.” A pleasing thing for a mother to hear!

Pregnancy is an amazing time of life for most women and their families. And the transformations their bodies and spines go through are unbelievable and beautiful. Southern New Hampshire pregnant women are usually glowing! Mysteriously, though, some of the changes may also affect her body after the baby delivers like osteoporosis. New Hampshire Spine and Sport sees many pregnant women throughout their pregnancies. Some have back pain or leg pain; some just appreciate the gentle Southern New Hampshire chiropractic treatment to keep them feeling good and alleviate any pregnancy-related back pain they may experience. Either way, New Hampshire Spine and Sport enjoys caring for pregnant women

Fortunately it is a rare occurrence, but pregnancy- and lactation-associated osteoporosis can happen. New Hampshire Spine and Sport closely watches our Southern New Hampshire pregnant patients or women in postpartum period to see if they acquire incessant back pain, especially if they have risk factors or secondary causes of osteoporosis. What comes of pregnancy-associated-osteoporosis? Vertebral fractures. (1)

Don’t be too alarmed by vertebral fractures as a result of pregnancy associated osteoporosis as a new case report gives hope. A woman with seven vertebral compression fractures was treated conservatively with strontium ranelate and supplementation of calcium and cholecalciferol. (2) 7 fractures! Wow. This treatment combination quickly restored the bone mineral density value in this case. Imagine if you have just one fracture! 

Vertebral fractures as a result of osteoporosis - pregnancy-associated or lactation-related or genetically-linked - are not to be taken lightly. New Hampshire Spine and Sport is the chiropractic healthcare provider to trust to find and/or manage their healing. So if you are pregnant and experience back pain, contact New Hampshire Spine and Sport. You will be examined carefully and treated gently. Our other Southern New Hampshire pregnant ladies so appreciate the gentle stretching we can achieve with Cox Technic, even in the later months of pregnancy. If you are pregnant and have a family history of osteoporosis, contact New Hampshire Spine and Sport for some advice to ward off its effects.  Exercise, nutrition, and chiropractic treatment may be part of the treatment plan.

New Hampshire Spine and Sport look forward to hearing from our Southern New Hampshire pregnant patients before, during and after their pregnancies. Taking care of “mommy” is important for everyone!