June 02, 2015

Odd bedfellows, eh? Not so much!

Osteoporosis and diabetes are connected with the arrival of technology today. New Hampshire Spine and Sport spots both of these diseases as New Hampshire Spine and Sport cares for Southern New Hampshire chiropractic back pain and neck pain patients. To see how they are affiliated is intiguing!
  • Osteoporosis - a problematic health issue because of bigger possibility of bone fracture and death in middle aged and the elderly
  • Diabetes - a troubling health concern due to its accruing influence on its victims of all ages
image of an xray of a spine


What are the different ways that diabetes can bring on osteoporosis? Well, as any Southern New Hampshire diabetic realizes, diabetes involves an abundance of body organs from bone cells (osteoblasts and osteoclasts) to muscles to the eye’s retina to the nervous, endocrine and digestive systems. That's crazy! Fundamental for this conversation: diabetes reduces muscle strength through its throng of effects that increases fall risk that may lead to bone fractures. (1) What a cycle! A related cycle: having had a wrist fracture puts post-menopausal women at higher risk for future fractures to. 15.5% of post-menopausal women who experienced a wrist fracture had another non-wrist related fracture - hip, vertebrae, upper extremity, and lower extremity - later in life. (2) So New Hampshire Spine and Sport encourages diabetic patients to keep diabetes under control as best as possible is a positive move for Southern New Hampshire diabetics.

But how are they related and how does technology play into the equation? “Abdominal adiposity!” In common language, it’s a bit too much fat around the middle. This condition sets some Southern New Hampshire folks up for special health challenges like cardiovascular diseases and diabetes type 2. It may even be considered a cause of these diseases. Interestingly, when dual-energy xray absorptiometry (DEXA scans) are used to identify those at risk for osteoporosis, a side finding is telling. DEXA scans’ ability to measure tissue thickness reveals that a greater spine-hip thickness difference is significantly associated with a greater chance of diabetes. This association is stronger in women than men. (3) So Southern New Hampshire ladies, let’s take a closer look at your DEXA scan at your next Southern New Hampshire chiropractic appointment!

Contact New Hampshire Spine and Sport today. Chiropractic care and overall healthcare management are natural bedfellows! Southern New Hampshire chiropractic patients benefit hugely!