The Spinal Connections: New Hampshire Spine and Sport Delivers Spinal Manipulation Which Shows Lower Limb Strength Improvement

July 31, 2020

It’s all connected. The spine, the hips, the knees, the legs, the feet, the toes. In newer studies, the connection between spinal manipulation and the relief of lower limb pain and weakness  and imbalance are investigated. New Hampshire Spine and Sport has noticed such relief. The research adds to the discussion with such Southern New Hampshire chiropractic patients that there’s hope for their condition.


Southern New Hampshire chiropractic patients seek care at New Hampshire Spine and Sport with usually one pain issue and don’t even note other issues until we find them together during the spinal examination. We are often detectives together! The chiropractic exam can uncover clues to the condition at hand, clues that often are sore or weak and, thankfully, also resolve with chiropractic treatment. Lower limb weakness is manytimes disregarded by back and leg pain patients. Pain is the attention-getter. One study stated that a single spinal manipulation enhanced muscle strength (for a half hour) and corticospinal excitability (for 60 minutes) to ankle plantar flexor muscles in Taekwondo athletes. (1) Another paper of spinal manipulation’s effect on lower limb strength of healthy people displayed immediate increase in muscle strength after just one session. The chiropractic spinal manipulation treatment helps ease the pain and improve the lower limb weakness. The effect is found to be immediate with just one spinal manipulation. For patients with hip and knee weakness yet otherwise healthy, the strength improvement is even bigger. (2) Patients at New Hampshire Spine and Sport have reported just such improvement!


Other Southern New Hampshire chiropractic patients with limb imbalances in whom one leg is seemingly stronger than the other have found relief with their Southern New Hampshire chiropractic spinal manipulation, also. They may realize they have it or do not realize it until we complete the exam jointly. Once discovered, limb strength imbalances of a minimum of 15% in hip flexion, extension, abduction or knee flexion cared for with spinal manipulation got better compared to placebo treatment. These strength improvements were seen after just one lumbar spine manipulation session. (3) Spinal mobilization improved hip flexor strength and performance in asymptomatic young adults. (4) These are positive outcomes for our Southern New Hampshire chiropractic patients!

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