Southern New Hampshire Chiropractic Care Helps Get Your Head on Straight for Neck Pain Relief

March 27, 2018

Ever heard the saying “get your head on straight”?  It has an entirely different meaning to your Southern New Hampshire chiropractor at New Hampshire Spine and Sport. Your chiropractor actually looks at how your head is aligned on your neck. That alignment – or misalignment – may cause discomfort, neck pain, with or without shoulder pain.  New Hampshire Spine and Sport alleviates such pain gently and effectively for Southern New Hampshire neck pain and Southern New Hampshire shoulder pain patients. Southern New Hampshire chiropractic care is evidence-based and has research-documented protocols for neck pain relief.


Do you find that your head sits forward on your neck? It is a common condition in us humans. It can cause neck and shoulder pain, headache and loss of neck motion (such as looking behind to back up your car). Chiropractors like yours at New Hampshire Spine and Sport have a particular form of Southern New Hampshire spinal manipulation to help this condition called Cox® Flexion Distraction Decompression spinal manipulation. The treatment is based on the anatomical changes documented in biomechanical research studies to be produced when this spinal manipulation is delivered. Namely the increase in the size of the opening through which the nerve passes, the dropping of the pressure inside the intervertebral disc, the increased disc space height, the regaining normal ranges of motion of the neck, and the establishment of spinal cord stimulation to produce chemical changes that reduce pain. New Hampshire Spine and Sport has research studies that document these pain-relieving transformations for which Southern New Hampshire neck pain patients come to the office.  Southern New Hampshire chiropractic care at New Hampshire Spine and Sport is based on such studies.


A research study issued in December 2017 showed that spinal manipulation - like that used at New Hampshire Spine and Sport - accomplishes this pain relief. It is delivered to the upper thoracic spine (between the upper shoulder areas). (1) The treatment can be given on specialized spinal manipulation tables designed for treating such conditions. This research paper noted that there was improved range of motion, enhanced positioning of the head on the neck, decreased neck and head pain and reduced disability. So, if you or a loved one or friend finds this description to fit your neck and head posture, seek care at New Hampshire Spine and Sport for this particular type of spinal manipulation. It’s gentle and effective.

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Listen to this PODCAST from THE BACK DOCTORS PODCAST series about a exasperated neck pain and shoulder pain patient who finally got relief from his local chiropractic back pain specialist using Cox® Technic after conventional medical care was not working for him.

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Southern New Hampshire chiropractic at New Hampshire Spine and Sport helps relieve neck and shoulder pain.