April 02, 2013

If you have lower back pain with or without lower extremity pain (leg pain), have you ever felt a bit tipsy – that is, sort of in a state in imbalance? Do you have a sense of unsteadiness when walking? Well, join the crowd! Other Southern New Hampshire lower back pain patients do, too. New Hampshire Spine and Sport lowers the back pain that ushers in this walking imbalance and gets you walking the straight-and-narrow once again!

Curiously enough, pain intensity has been shown to correlate with postural sway (sort of like a dizzy walk). Correspondently, as pain is lowered, an individual feels more balanced with a normal gait or walking stance. Some of New Hampshire Spine and Sport’s patients even lean onto the hallway walls as they walk to their chiropractic treatment rooms.

chart on how reduced pain helps postureSo just how much pain reduction has been discovered to lower postural sway? If pain is reflected on a scale of 1 to 10 (1 being the least pain and 10 the worst), it was found that a drop of 4 points equated to meaningful decrease in postural sway. (1) New Hampshire Spine and Sport will have you report on your pain at every visit. Your progress is very important to us, and we want to keep track of it.

Now, visualize that if the pain were not lowered. There could be a positive increase in postural sway to the point of feasibly creating problems in getting through the day or being more likely to fall. In this study, postural sway stayed close to the same to baseline for lower back pain patients who did not report significant pain reduction. So New Hampshire Spine and Sport uses our chiropractic treatment plan to help lower your back pain as swiftly as attainable.

Understand that postural sway modifications are closely connected to your self-reported pain intensities on that 1 to 10 scale. Pain interference appears to be accountable for the changed sway in lower back pain sufferers. This is why New Hampshire Spine and Sport uses sway measures as an objective monitoring tool during lower back pain treatment and/or rehabilitation starting during your chiropractic examination.

Your Southern New Hampshire chiropractor at New Hampshire Spine and Sport is trained to recognize postural faults that occur with lower back pain or leg pain. Contact New Hampshire Spine and Sport for relief of both your lower back pain and imbalance issues. You’ll be glad you did!