New Hampshire Spine and Sports September 2017 Healthy Newsletter


Research reports that those who take advantage of rehab4 after back disc surgery have more favorable treatment outcomes in the year after the back surgery. They go back to work. (1) Some back surgery patients do not undergo rehabilitation by their own decision or by not being directed to do it. For those who experience continued pain after back surgery (also referred to as “failed back surgical syndrome”), Southern New Hampshire chiropractic Cox Technic spinal manipulation care may help ease the pain without another surgery. A study of 69 post-surgical continued pain patients visiting a chiropractor using Cox Technic finds that 81% of these patients acquired more than 50% pain relief in 11 visits over a 49-day period of active care. (2) That can be adequate relief to allow these patients to enjoy their lives again! If you, a loved one or a friend did not do any rehabilitation after back surgery and/or are suffering back pain post-back surgery, New Hampshire Spine and Sport can help with gentle, research-documented, Southern New Hampshire chiropractic care and treatment.

TIP OF THE MONTH: Exercise and Nutrition for Your Discs

Exercise is helpful for the nutrition of your spinal discs! The discs are comprised of glycosaminoglycans which are made chondroitin sulfate, dermatan sulfate, glucosamine sulfate. Researchers explain that physical exercise does not deplete glycosaminoglycans; exercise increases their concentration even in overtraining situations. (3) Plus performing some muscle strengthening activities twice a week lowers your odds of low back pain. (4) Ask New Hampshire Spine and Sport about chondroitin sulfate supplementation and exercise as accompaniments to your Southern New Hampshire chiropractic treatment plan for your disc’s health and healing!

Thank you for trusting your spinal health and healing to New Hampshire Spine and Sport and referring New Hampshire Spine and Sport to your Southern New Hampshire friends and family.