March 2019 Healthy News: Southern New Hampshire Chiropractic Care Helps Motor Strength Come Back

 Southern New Hampshire chiropractic helps return motor strength loss due to a disc herniation and sciatica return over time.

Leg pain (lumbosacral radiculopathy or sciatica) and loss of motor strength obviously concern Southern New Hampshire back pain patients. “When will it come back?” is a typical question. Keep in mind that studies show that treatment outcomes are quite similar for surgical and non-surgical care of disc herniation patients with sciatic radiculopathy. (1) One benchmark study stated that loss of motor strength because of sciatic nerve damage returned over 3 years with 10% in 6 months, 30% at 1 year, 50% at 2 years and 75% at 3 years. (2) A brand-new article agrees: Improvement comes over time regardless of treatment (surgery or non-surgery). The majority of patients in this new study did not choose surgery. Just about all of them got back full strength at 1 year with it typically occurring in the first 3 months though on-going recovery lasted a year. (3) New Hampshire Spine and Sport says “Don’t hold back!” Ask New Hampshire Spine and Sport the concerning questions. We’ll present the research-documented facts for you to consider.

Listen to this PODCAST with Dr. Howard Rosenberg on The Back Doctor’s Podcast with Dr. Michael Johnson about helping an athletic, healthy patient who developed foot drop and decreased muscle strength due to a disc herniation with leg pain sciatica/radiculopathy. His chiropractic care using the Cox® Technic System helped him resume walking and playing tennis!

 New Hampshire Spine and Sport sees benefit in recommending back belts to back pain sufferers.

Southern New Hampshire CHIROPRACTIC TIP OF THE MONTH: Back Belts Help

Southern New Hampshire back pain patients fear moving, concerned that they may trigger pain. Back belts and braces reduce pain and fear of pain and allow a return to usual activities of life. (4) For spinal stenosis patients with back pain, back belts enhanced their walking distance. (5) And for acute compression fractures, a back brace is usually used. A soft brace was equally effective as a rigid brace to prevent spinal deformity, improve quality of life, and lessen back pain. (6) Back belts aren’t needed forever, but for temporary and for certain conditions, they are beneficial!

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