Southern New Hampshire Chiropractic Care Helps Back Pain After Back Surgery Surgery and Integrates Extension Exercise into the Treatment Plan

New Hampshire Spine and Sport offers back pain relief to patients who have already undergone back surgery and still have pain. 

Chiropractic Cox® Technic Can Help.

Most Southern New Hampshire back pain patients go to back surgery expecting Southern New Hampshire back pain relief. That expectation is not always met. New Hampshire Spine and Sport hears this from Southern New Hampshire back surgery patients and studies it in the spine research reports.  49-58% relief of pain for sciatica (leg pain) because of a disc herniation is common. (1) Post-surgical back pain patients may find that they experience back pain after Southern New Hampshire back surgery. What are some options? Spinal manipulation and exercise is one such option. The American College of Physicians and American Pain Society suggest spinal manipulation for low back pain relief. (2) One patient experienced 89% improvement with 12 spinal manipulation sessions plus exercise. (3) A study of 69 post-surgical back pain patients treated with Cox® Technic - like they are at New Hampshire Spine and Sport – found that 81% of patients showed at least 50% reduction of pain at the end of 3 months of care. 78.6% of those patients had persistent pain relief at 24 months follow up. (4) Southern New Hampshire chiropractic relief for post-surgical back pain patients often meets a patient’s expectation of back pain relief. New Hampshire Spine and Sport invites you or a suffering friend or family member to visit today.

Listen to this PODCAST on The Back Doctors’ Podcast with Dr. Michael Johnson in which Dr. David Atiyeh describes a patient who had undergone back surgery expecting pain relief and post-surgically found pain relief with chiropractic Cox® Technic care.

New Hampshire Spine and Sport recommends extensor strengthening exercises when back pain patients are ready for them.

Extension Exercise

Southern New Hampshire back pain sufferers frequently experience relief by flexing forward just a bit, not flexing backward into extension. (Check out the SPINE article May 2018 on our website about why!) Extension is not all bad. A healthy spine can extend. A healthy spine requires strong back muscles to support all its movements. Strengthening those extensor muscles to stop Southern New Hampshire back pain is important. Research reports that lumbar spine extension weakness and extensor muscle deconditioning are found in Southern New Hampshire chiropractic patients with chronic low back pain. (5) Why? Back muscles degenerate in back pain sufferers like spinal discs degenerate. (6) Integrate extension exercises into your day when your Southern New Hampshire chiropractor tells you it is appropriate. New Hampshire Spine and Sport can help!

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