Southern New Hampshire Chiropractic Healthy News from New Hampshire Spine and Sport July 2017


Spine Treatment Favored

Manual therapy spinal mobilization is preferred over physiotherapy by chronic back pain patients with disc degeneration for back pain intensity reduction and disability. (1) Not surprising to New Hampshire Spine and Sport at all! The hands-on effect of mobilization is comforting; the motion elicited is healing. That’s just what chiropractic presents – comfort and healing! Chiropractic care sets out to first calm and lessen pain then incorporate exercise for continued pain relief and healing via strengthening to curb future back pain. Back pain relief is a team effort!  Utilizing the Cox® Technic System of Spinal Pain Management offers the best of both worlds: gentle stretching treatment to painful segments that drops intradiscal pressures and at-home care like exercise, hot/cold therapy and nutrition to enhance the pain relief and recovery. New Hampshire Spine and Sport is trained and ready to share the Southern New Hampshire back pain relief via Cox Technic with our Southern New Hampshire chiropractic patients!

TIP of the Month: Vitamin D for the Degenerated Disc

Nutritionally, Vitamin D is such a good vitamin! Vitamin D is reported to help bone and mood and overall health. In researching the disc of diabetic rats, researchers find a new positive: Vitamin D may well prevent and treat degenerative changes in the degenerated disc by enriching the disc’s content of transforming growth factor-β and insulin-like growth factor-1. (2) What is your Vitamin D level? Let’s find out together, you and New Hampshire Spine and Sport! If it’s low, your Southern New Hampshire chiropractic treatment plan will incorporate Vitamin D suggestions from your Southern New Hampshire chiropractor!

Don’t forget to schedule your July Southern New Hampshire chiropractic appointment today! Your Southern New Hampshire degenerated discs will thank you!