April 2020 Healthy News from New Hampshire Spine and Sport

Southern New Hampshire chiropractic care at New Hampshire Spine and Sport is well-equipped for the pandemic of low back pain.  


Here’s a pandemic chiropractic is built for: low back pain! A recent study in Healthcare journal presents that “Low back pain is a pandemic and costly musculoskeletal condition in the United States.” This study considered the cost-effectiveness of chiropractic and physical therapy for low back pain. Interestingly, their up-coming study is set to ascertain if they decrease the use of more costly health services like surgery, injections, and ER visits. For now, though, they discovered that the total average cost was $48.56 lower for chiropractic care than PT and the daily adjusted life years was 0.0043 greater for chiropractic than PT patients. They deduced that chiropractic was confirmed to be a cost-effective means to help adults with at least 3 weeks of low back pain over 6 months. (1) Come to New Hampshire Spine and Sport to find out for yourself! Bring your Southern New Hampshire low back pain to New Hampshire Spine and Sport. Chiropractic care and your Southern New Hampshire chiropractor are prepped to fight and overcome the pandemic of low back pain.

Southern New Hampshire diabetic patients with neuropathy may benefit from addressing their B vitamin deficiency.


B Vitamins for Diabetic Neuropathy

Chronic diabetic neuropathic pain is a challenge. Inflammation plays a part. Spinal proinflammatory cytokines have a part. A recent study using rats showed that B vitamins not only suppress but significantly suppress this pain by suppressing the proinflammatory cytokines. (2) Unfortunately, vitamin B12 deficiency is quite common in type II diabetic patients who take metformin, a common diabetic drug. (3) Researchers found links to anemia and neuropathy with metformin use in diabetic patients. (4) New Hampshire Spine and Sport urges our diabetic patients are encouraged to test their vitamin B levels! B vitamins are very important for health!

Listen to this PODCAST with Dr. James Cox, developer of the Cox® Technic System of Spinal Pain Management, on The Back Doctors Podcast with Dr. Michael Johnson as he imparts research on how the immune system functions as well as how spinal manipulation affects neuropathic pain pathways.

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