Southern New Hampshire Chiropractic Relief for Headache and Migraine

New Hampshire Spine and Sport offers Southern New Hampshire chiropractic care for headache and migraine relief.


Southern New Hampshire migraines. Southern New Hampshire headaches. Tension headaches. Cervicogenic headache. They’re all familiar types of Southern New Hampshire headaches. (1) Chiropractic can help! Many chiropractors like yours at New Hampshire Spine and Sport treat migraines. (2)  Cervicogenic headaches are those disabling headaches that don’t respond well to drug management. (3) To help, complementary and alternative (integrative) medicine uses evidence-informed approaches like nutrition, movement, manual therapy traditional Chinese medicine (acupuncture, massage, yoga, biofeedback, meditation) and mind-body. Migraines benefit from spinal manipulation, chiropractic, some supplements, diet change and hydrotherapy. (1) Several recent studies show the effectiveness of chiropractic for headache relief. Compared to placebo and a control group, chiropractic spinal manipulation eased cervicogenic headache. (3) Of four dose levels of chiropractic spinal manipulation – 0, 6, 12, or 18 – for treating patients with cervicogenic headache, 18 spinal manipulation treatment visits were the most effective. They reduced the occurrence of headache by 50%. (4) For those dealing with cervicogenic headache, 50% fewer headaches is a welcome stat! New Hampshire Spine and Sport is your Southern New Hampshire chiropractic headache relief center!
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TIP OF THE MONTH: Don’t Sit Too Long … And Be Happy And Calm!

New Hampshire Spine and Sport reminds you to not sit too long to keep back pain at bay! 

Back pain just started. What do you do? For back pain less than 3 months old, sitting for longer than 6 hours, stress and depression are enemies. Physical activity and physical therapy are helpers. (5) So so not sit around being distressed about experiencing back pain. Get up, and move your body. Know that there’s relief. Know that there is a [[targetlocatlocation]] chiropractic treatment plan for back pain relief just for you!

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