Southern New Hampshire Chiropractic Newsletter for April 2016


Chiropractic Doctors Viewed Positively

US adults generally see chiropractors in a positive light, especially if they have already used chiropractic care or plan to use it. Negative views of chiropractic care seemed to stem from cost and number of visits, but those who shared this view were less likely to know if chiropractic is an insurance covered item, more likely to want to see an MD first for back pain or neck pain, less likely to have ever seen a chiropractor before. (1) This is good news! There are many potential Southern New Hampshire chiropractic patients out there with whom to share chiropractic care. New Hampshire Spine and Sport is so glad you are our Southern New Hampshire chiropractic patient and appreciate your sharing your chiropractic experience with your friends and family!

More People Seek Alternative Care – like Chiropractic – for Low Back Pain

A new research study shares that “Many people suffering from low back pain (LBP) have found conventional medical treatments to be ineffective for managing their low back pain and are increasingly turning to complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) to find pain relief.” New Hampshire Spine and Sport and our fellow chiropractors are ready for them! 41.2% of low back pain patients used CAM in the past year. What types? Herbal supplements, chiropractic manipulation, and massage. 58.1% of those who used CAM for back pain found it greatly beneficial. (2) Thank you for trusting the Southern New Hampshire back pain specialist at New Hampshire Spine and Sport and using chiropractic care.


Lumbar Spinal Stenosis – Non-Surgical Care              

Chronic low back pain in older adults often includes lumbar spinal stenosis. Its pain relieving care is often accomplished without surgery, particularly when all contributing conditions of low back pain are addressed. (3) That’s where your chiropractic examination and diagnosis come into play as the non-surgical treatment plan is developed for successful relief of back pain related to spinal stenosis. New Hampshire Spine and Sport is most thorough in its care of back and neck pain!

Gabapentin – Good or Bad?

For far lateral disc herniations, gabapentin may be good. (4) For chronic low back pain, it’s “ineffective” say researchers. (5) Chiropractic offers a non-drug approach to relief of both of these conditions. Some patients come to New Hampshire Spine and Sport for Southern New Hampshire chiropractic care already taking these drugs. Some are able to get relief enough with chiropractic care to discuss stopping or taking less with their prescribing physicians. Let’s set a Southern New Hampshire chiropractic treatment plan with Cox Technic, and see how you do.


Biochemical Factors and Back Pain

Vitamin D and other levels are affected by low back pain. 42% of all patients seeking care for LBP were 31 to 50 years old, 73% were female, 27% had diabetes type II. These patients showed significantly lower levels of Vitamin D. Researchers strongly recommend early frequent screening for vitamin D along with glucose, protein, albumin, calcium, phosphorus, C-reactive protein (CRP) as part of general health checkup for non-specific body pain, especially low back pain, to try to encourage earlier intervention for relief. (6) For most of our Southern New Hampshire chiropractic patients, pain is an attention-getting indicator while these other factors are more subtle but important.

Thank you for your trust in our chiropractic healthcare...and for sharing your Southern New Hampshire chiropractic experience with your friends and family!