April 14, 2015

Vitamin C – It’s so nice to feature a different vitamin! Vitamin D hogs the press today, justly so for its effects on so many body systems and conditions. But Vitamin C should get attention, too. Vitamin C is a foundational vitamin, a go-to vitamin for immunity, healing, and much more. New Hampshire Spine and Sport some recent facts about Vitamin C and encourages our Southern New Hampshire chiropractic patients and loved ones to check your Vitamin C intake and regulate as required.

picture of an orange
First, classic research points to the antioxidant capability of vitamin C. It also reports that vitamin c improves oxidative damage to DNA and lipids and proteins. (1) All good! New research supports vitamin C for immunity as it reports long-term high-dose intake of vitamin C effectively maintains immune cells. (1) For everyday Southern New Hampshire health, taking vitamin C appears beneficial!

New Hampshire Spine and Sport recognizes that Southern New Hampshire chiropractic patients and their family members have to undergo surgery from time to time for various issues, so this new information about vitamin C is valuable!  Specifically, new research says vitamin C is important pre-surgically for healing and disease prevention. A dose of Vitamin C (2 G) before surgery may reduce the need for morphine post-surgery. Vitamin C supplementation (1 G) for 50 days pre-op may prevent chronic regional pain syndrome after extremity surgery. (2) New statistics like this gets New Hampshire Spine and Sport to take a closer look at just how valuable vitamin C is! How about you?

So New Hampshire Spine and Sport encourages Southern New Hampshire chiropractic clients to scrutinize their nutritional supplements. Vitamin D is important. Multiple supplements are essential. Calcium supplementation remains crucial. Let’s take another look at Vitamin C intake, especially if you are facing a surgery soon! Contact New Hampshire Spine and Sport to talk more about your specific supplementation needs and how they're being met.