Southern New Hampshire Chiropractic Care Includes Fall Risk Assessment due to Malnutrition

February 11, 2020

Nutrition and fall risk. What’s the link? It makes sense when you think about it. Poor nutrition sparks muscle and weight loss. New Hampshire Spine and Sport thoroughly assesses our older Southern New Hampshire chiropractic patients at risk for falls, paying special attention to their nutritional status. New Hampshire Spine and Sport is concerned about fall prevention!


Researchers tried to define the association between nutritional status and body mass index (BMI) and fall risk and recurrent fall risk in older adults who reside in community settings. They found that malnourished patients and those at risk for malnourishment maintained a 45% higher risk of having at least 1 fall. (1) Confirming BMI and nutritional status is relatively simple to perform. New Hampshire Spine and Sport does it to safeguard our Southern New Hampshire chiropractic patients!


Fall risk assessments have often ignored nutritional status instead focusing on issues like balance and fall risk-increasing drugs. Nutritional status plays a role, too. Malnutrition prompts weight loss which prompts muscle weakness which leads to an increase in fall risk. It is truly a ripple effect! A new study revealed that malnutrition was significantly associated with high fall risk according to a few leading fall risk assessment tools (especially the Johns Hopkins fall risk assessment tool). (2) Preventing falls is optimal. Recovering from falls is important.


Low nutritional status in older adults especially those with a history of falling sets them up for higher risk of poorer recovery from a fall. Almost a third of community-dwelling adults with a fall history were either currently malnourished or at risk of malnourishment. Enhancing the nutritional status of those who have fallen enhanced their physical performance. (3) New Hampshire Spine and Sport understands nutrition and is prepared to assist our at-risk patients improve theirs!

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New Hampshire Spine and Sport checks patients for fall risks which include nutritional status and malnutrition indicators.