Southern New Hampshire Chiropractic Back Pain Relief Benefits from Regular Exercise

June 16, 2020

Independence. It’s an admirable quality. Most of the time. When it comes to exercise, accepting a bit of guidance more often is better. New Hampshire Spine and Sport is equipped to be your guide! Southern New Hampshire back pain sufferers can count on New Hampshire Spine and Sport to assemble, demonstrate and supervise a pain-relieving exercise routine specially for you!


Research shows that supervised exercise therapy allows significant symptom relief and bettered quality of life for patients with intermittent claudication by boosting maximal walking distance in just 3 months. Sadly, it is not put in to practice enough. Home based exercise therapy with observation devices like a pedometer or logbook and walking are other helpful alternatives to supervised exercise, allowing a bit more of the preferred independence. (1) Southern New Hampshire back pain patients may benefit in the same way these back pain sufferers do. Spinal stenosis back pain patients would value walking more in such a way!


A newer report states that supervised physical therapy for lumbar spinal stenosis patients provided significant short-term improvements in symptom severity, walking distance, pain, physical activity and function in comparison to unsupervised. (2) A follow-up study evaluated a more specific schedule of supervised physical therapy visits – two times a week and one time a week - to home exercise. It states specifically that 6 weeks of supervised physical therapy two times a week for lumbar spinal stenosis patients brought about significant short term improvements in the severity of symptoms, physical function, back and leg pain and gait disturbance compared with one time a week PT visits and home exercise exclusively. (3) Our Southern New Hampshire back pain patients would embrace all these improvements, undoubtedly!


Improvement is the goal in managing back pain. Independence only gets you so far when dealing with back pain. There is always a tipping point when the pain just cannot be put up with any longer! Then a trip to the doctor is planned. Many articles are written about how the doctor seen first often sets the course for subsequent care. (That was the topic of another blog!) Regarding exercise and physical therapy for back pain, though, these are conservative management forms that are often too infrequently used while opioid prescriptions are most ordinarly in the year before elective lumbar spine surgery: 84.4% opioid prescription and 14.6% minimum of 6 exercise therapy sessions. (4) New Hampshire Spine and Sport is honored to be chosen for back pain relief. Your Southern New Hampshire chiropractor is an experienced Southern New Hampshire back pain specialist whose treatment plan includes the Cox® Technic System of Spinal Pain Management and exercise.

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Southern New Hampshire back pain patients have a partner in New Hampshire Spine and Sport as exercise suggestions and demos are part of the chiropractic treatment plan!