June 21, 2011

"Stand up straight. Walk straight. Sit up straight." Can you just hear your mother's voice? Posture is important. The spine is made for balance and stability, and posture control improves balance.

How does posture affect spine health and back pain relief in Southern New Hampshire?

Posture Education Relieves Back Pain Better Than Exercise

The effectiveness of a Global Postural Reeducation program as compared to a Stabilization Exercise program in subjects with persistent low back pain at 3 and 6 months was studied. Postural education is more beneficial than stabilization exercises in controlling persistent low back pain. (1)

Furthermore, a distressing paper appeared stating that young people with non-specific low back pain show a reduced capability to switch to a more multi-segmental postural control strategy during complex postural conditions. This leads to decreased postural vigor.  These youth also show more difficulty with balance of their bodies with decreased spinal input for balance control. (2)

Posture Even Affects Incontinence

Posture affects vaginal pressure and subsequently incontinence for women. Pelvic floor muscle activity is affected more by posture - sway back posture activates more muscle activity - than by the activity being performed (standing versus laying). (3) Another strong reason to work on your posture.

What to Do about Southern New Hampshire's Posture? Incorporate Both Exercise and Posture Education.

 standing man with good posture
Teach yourself to consciously sit and stand. When you must sit, sit properly with a straight back. While sitting in the bleachers at a little league game in Southern New Hampshire or in the chairs in New Hampshire Spine and Sport's waiting room, resist the temptation to slouch. Slouching increases the pressure in your spine. You want to decrease spinal pressures or at least keep them to a minimum when your back hurts. Same with prolonged standing like waiting in line at the Southern New Hampshire grocery store: don't slouch. If you have to stand for an extended period of time, take a break to walk a little. Tell the young kids around you in Southern New Hampshire, too. Good posture is a habit that must develop over time.

abdominal exercise on ball to improve posture
Exercise for Better Posture. Strengthening your spinal muscles and abdominal muscles go far to support your upright posture when moving around Southern New Hampshire. Basic exercises like standing on one foot and abdominal strengthening on a stability ball re-establish nerve endings' sense of position and reinforce the up-right posture needed for low back pain relief and prevention.

Southern New Hampshire Posture and Back Pain Relief with New Hampshire Spine and Sport

Contact Southern New Hampshire's New Hampshire Spine and Sport for posture education and exercise as well as a chiropractic treatment plan to relieve back pain with Cox Technic which is research-documented to reduce intradiscal pressures in the spine as well.

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