Southern New Hampshire Chiropractic Tip: Practice Balance Every Day !

October 12, 2022

“I’m just not as steady as I once was.”

This is not an uncommon conversation starter at New Hampshire Spine and Sport from our Southern New Hampshire chiropractic patients and/or their family members. Balance is key to avert falls and associated problems that may come with it…like breaking something! New Hampshire Spine and Sport offers some news about fall prevention and balance enhancement with spinal manipulation and balance practice.


The 50s bring some noticeable changes particularly in relation to balance. Such changes in balance also increase the risk for falling and other health concerns. A study of 1702 people between 51 and 75 years old who didn't have any problems with walking found that 20.4% couldn’t perform a 10 second one-legged-stand which managed to increase the risk of all-cause mortality. (1) Not being able to do the 10 second balance test was associated with an 84% higher risk of dying within in the study period (12 yrs). This observational study did not state cause/effect but suggested a link, a link that may insire middle and older age folks to practice standing on one leg daily! To be safe, New Hampshire Spine and Sport urges standing near to a counter to stabilize yourself if necessary. If you can only do 2 seconds today, keep working on it. you will improve as you practice! (2) Once you see some improvement, you’ll want to do more! Proprioception exercises may help, too!


A research project compared how known “fallers,” “nonfallers,” and young volunteers performed on a force plate measuring test for postural sway. None were different in transfer of weight. Younger volunteers reduced postural sway within 2 seconds while older ones never did and swayed the same the whole time. Older “fallers” swayed significantly more. This specially designed one-leg-stance test established who the “fallers” were better – 100% - than other commonly used tests to measure balance – five-times-sit-to-stand (69%), timed-up-and-go (48%), usual one-leg-stance without special parameters as in this research study (62%). (3) Tests like these are beneficial to your Southern New Hampshire chiropractor in evaluating baseline balance.


A recently published paper noted the benefit of (Cox®) flexion distraction spinal manipulation for lumbar spinal stenosis patients by enhancing their balance test scores - Timed Up and Go and Five Times Sit to Stand Test – and reducing postural sway and entropy (forward/backward movement) as assessed on a force plate.  (4) That is so good! Between our in-office chiropractic treatments with Cox® Technic during office visits and in exercise sessions of practicing standing on one foot then the other at home, we will see how well we can improve your balance!

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Listen to this PODCAST with Dr. Nate McKee on The Back Doctors Podcast with Dr. Michael Johnson as he illustrates relieving chiropractic care and re-establishing balance via The Cox® Technic System of Spinal Pain Management for patients with spinal stenosis.

Make your Southern New Hampshire chiropractic appointment soon. We look forward to seeing how much better balanced you are!

New Hampshire Spine and Sport shares new research that describes how those who can balance on one leg for 10 seconds at a time have a lesser risk of death.