Southern New Hampshire Handgrip Strength Tells A Lot about a Woman!

January 15, 2019

Southern New Hampshire ladies, this article’s for you (and those who love you!). Men and women have different issues to contend with when it comes to their bodies. Of course! New Hampshire Spine and Sport is very familiar with these differences when it comes to treating the spines and their various injured states of our Southern New Hampshire chiropractic male and female patients. New Hampshire Spine and Sport realizes the differences but focuses on an interesting discovery about women’s hand-grip strength - not just her grip on a purse either! - and health issues like Southern New Hampshire back pain.


New Hampshire Spine and Sport marvels at the connections researchers make! Researchers have documented how grip strength is a sign of a variety of health issues. One is anemia. Anemia affects 13.9% of elderly people. Hand-grip strength and anemia in women is inversely related. Low hand-grip strength indicates anemia. (1) Another issue is that women with low hand-grip strength experienced poor quality of life insofar as mobility, usual activities and pain/discomfort dimensions(2) A third hand-grip strength connection to health is its ability to monitor cognitive decline in adults over 60 years old. Hand-grip strength declines; cognition declines(3) New Hampshire Spine and Sport finds these tests interesting for Southern New Hampshire chiropractic patients and is very interested in what hand-grip strength says about Southern New Hampshire back pain!


Another connection is crafted among back pain, hand-grip strength and a woman’s physical activity level in an over-50-year-old woman. Researchers tested the hand-grip strength of women. Each hand was tested with a dynamometer tool. Low hand-grip strength was classified as low grip strength of the woman’s dominant hand. A highly physical woman was described as one who did muscle-strengthening exercise at least 3 days a week. Women who had low hand-grip strength and a low physical active level were more likely to have low back pain. (4) New Hampshire Spine and Sport does many tests as part of the Southern New Hampshire chiropractic examination; now you know why! New Hampshire Spine and Sport doesn’t want to miss anything!

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Listen to this PODCAST with Dr. Wanda Lopez on The Back Doctor’s Podcast with Dr. Michael Johnson about a woman with back pain she assisted with back pain relief and better quality of life so she could return to walking in the park. What a joy!

Schedule your Southern New Hampshire chiropractic appointment (or schedule one for the favorite lady in your life!) today to get some Southern New Hampshire chiropractic tips in how to maintain and even improve your hand-grip strength with exercise and Southern New Hampshire chiropractic care. Your quality of life may well improve! 
New Hampshire Spine and Sport measures the Southern New Hampshire handgrip strength of female patients as a marker of back pain and much more!