The Value of Southern New Hampshire Healthy Living

November 21, 2017

Healthy living. How do you describe that? Do you embrace it? What are healthy living behaviors? New Hampshire Spine and Sport is all about healthy living. New Hampshire Spine and Sport sees chiropractic care as a healthy behavior! Southern New Hampshire chiropractic patients can expect their Southern New Hampshire chiropractor to be an escort to the healthy lifestyle behaviors that can not only help them deal with current spine pain issues but also ward off future bouts of spine pain, neck pain, and back pain, and other health issues that are best avoided.


What are some healthy behaviors? A good diet. Exercise. Not smoking. Low/No alcohol intake. Those make sense, don’t they? A recent study proved that men who took advantage of more of these healthy choices had lower risk of long duration low back pain and women for neck pain. (1) Eating fruit and vegetables is another positive healthy behavior. This plus the other behaviors are shown to lessen the possibility of developing long term disturbing low back pain in women and even potentially improve the prognosis of low back pain relief. (2) Taking part in a community based musculoskeletal physiotherapy program improves the health-related quality of life for patients. (3) Utilizing a lumbar support orthosis improves postural control when standing on unlevel ground.  This may be especially welcomed by34 patients with non-specific low back pain as they are prone to be more unstable. (4) New Hampshire Spine and Sport works with our Southern New Hampshire back pain patients on their balance and proprioception to help improve their steadiness.


Choice of care for health care issues leads to more healthy behaviors. When patients are given the opportunity to choose their provider for back pain or neck pain relief (in one study: physical therapy care), costs were less than if they sought care from their medical doctor first and were referred. Direct access makes a difference in costs and outcomes. (5) A study of women and their choices of providers for back pain relief reports that their familiarity with the doctor’s treatment, social network recommendations, geographical proximity, and credentials of the doctor influenced their choice. (6)

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