March 05, 2013
Just one week of immobilization, one week of bed rest, one week of doing nothing, decreases muscle strength and endurance by 20%. (1) That’s not good for you and surely not good for your back pain. That’s also the reason New Hampshire Spine and Sport promotes gentle stretching exercises as one of the Southern New Hampshire chiropractic services in your treatment plan. Nothing too strenuous in the beginning, just some motion. “Motion is life, and life is motion.” Well, this month’s research article adds to the exercise story.

weight training helps your chiropractic recoveryResearchers partnered with 120 back pain patients who were qualified for back surgery. These patients were diagnosed with herniated discs at L4/L5 or L5/S1. Conventional medical care for the herniated discs was tried first. Then, strength exercises were added. These involved dumbbells, weight training rods/plates, and general fitness exercises. All these patients eventually recovered. All avoided back surgery. All reduced their intake of analgesic drugs. (1) What a testimony to the power of exercise!

Don’t begin anything like this without guidance and talking with New Hampshire Spine and Sport first. But know that weight training is very good for you, and combining it with flexibility exercises is vital. Exercise like this improves motor coordination and even the function of internal organs. Weak muscles lead to back pain which keeps you from moving which leads to more reduction in muscle strength. (1) Don't let that happen!

Contact New Hampshire Spine and Sport or call us at (603) 203-3185 to schedule an appointment to talk about exercise and the type that’s right to add to your Southern New Hampshire chiropractic treatment plan that will be most beneficial. Keep moving! “Motion is life, and life is motion.”