Southern New Hampshire Back Pain and Associated Spinal Instability Helped by Exercise to Improve Balance and More

January 04, 2022

Back pain becomes the focus when it takes over every thought in a day. The term ‘back pain’ is quite general though as back pain arises from the combined contributions of muscles, nerves, bones, etc. Low back muscles may be frail and/or unstable leacing them less helpful in supporting the spine. Exercise repeatedly shows just how beneficial it is in addressing spinal instability that accompanies Southern New Hampshire back pain. New Hampshire Spine and Sport endoreses exercise as something a back pain sufferer can do to help him/herself.


Instability affects balance. Back pain sufferers’ troubled balance may be caused by badly coordinated neuromuscular control and altered spine stability. A new study contrasted 3 groups:  subacute non-specific low back pain (NSLBP) sufferers with lumbar instability, those who don’t have instability, and healthy subjects. Those with lumbar spine instability demonstrated more issues with balance control, proprioception, fear of movement, more pain, and functional ability than sufferers who don’t have such instability. (1) New Hampshire Spine and Sport checks for instability in our Southern New Hampshire back pain patients and designs a Cox® Technic System of Spinal Pain Management  treatment plan that includes pain relieving spinal manipulation, nutrition, and exercise.


Exercise is a usual intervention for low back pain patients no matter the treatment plan. For subacute NSLBP sufferers, exercise is a benefit. Not long ago, two types of exercise were compared: core stabilization and strengthening exercise. A month of training for 30 minutes a session three times a week demonstrated that core stabilization generated significantly more improvement than strengthening. Core stabilization improved proprioception, balance (as demonstrated by single leg standing with eyes open and closed on stable and unstable surfaces), thickened muscles of the transverse abdominis and lumbar multifidus, reduced functional disability, and less fear of movement. Bonuses of either exercise: no adverse effects AND pain relief. (2) New Hampshire Spine and Sport is always checking for balance issues in our chiropractic patients. Exercise that improves Southern New Hampshire balance is so vital.

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Listen to this PODCAST with Dr. Paula Hugulet on The Back Doctors Podcast with Dr. Michael Johnson as she describes the benefits of the Cox® Technic System of Spinal Pain for pain relief and spine strengthening.

Schedule your Southern New Hampshire chiropractic appointment now. If back pain is your nemesis now, New Hampshire Spine and Sport offers a research-documented system and treatment plan for its relief and for its sustained relief and prevention with strengthening exercise for the lumbar muscles. We’ll design a simple exercise plan just for you!

New Hampshire Spine and Sport teaches low back pain sufferers simple exercises that address lumbar spine instability.