Exercise Improves Sleep and Southern New Hampshire Back Pain

July 31, 2018

Better sleep. Less anxiety. Back Pain Relief. What links them together? Exercise! Southern New Hampshire chiropractic patients come to know that following this one little suggestion to exercise – even just walking! – in their Southern New Hampshire chiropractic treatment plan benefits in many ways.


What is acknowledged about the sleep and pain connection? It is known that sleep disturbance and depression influence the back pain patient’s outlook on life. Experiencing Southern New Hampshire back pain can be disheartening if it goes on for too long (more than 12 weeks) without relief as seen in chronic low back pain. (1) Current clinical guidelines all endorse exercise and physical activity for back pain sufferers. Researchers questioned if poor sleep prevents these patients from exercising. (2) Good question! Other researchers then described that such a disruption to sleep is associated with physical inactivity and depression. (2) Sleep permits the body to rest and rejuventate for the next day’s adventures. Without sleep, the chronic back pain sufferer undertakes the next day with less than ideal ability. New Hampshire Spine and Sport desires all Southern New Hampshire chiropractic care patients to be fully ready to cope with their Southern New Hampshire back pain and do what they can for Southern New Hampshire back pain relief.


Exercise is widely recommended to Southern New Hampshire back pain sufferers in aiding their path to Southern New Hampshire back pain relief. Stabilization exercise is stated to be very useful in the management of sleep disturbance, pain-related disability, depression and anxiety for chronic low back pain patients. In a study of 26 chronic back pain patients who did stabilization exercise for just 8 weeks straight, everything improved: sleep quality, disability, depression level, and anxiety level. (1) Another study of 1645 people aged 1 to 91 years discovered that improved sleep quality is linked to habitual physical activity. This study also learned that patients over 40 years old with chronic diseases like hypertension and diabetes experienced poorer sleep though they spent more time lying down. (3) As your Southern New Hampshire back pain specialist, your Southern New Hampshire chiropractor takes a look at the whole Southern New Hampshire back pain patient and examines any and all factors when suggesting an exercise strategy individualized for each Southern New Hampshire back pain sufferer.

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New Hampshire Spine and Sport incorporates the suggestion to exercise into its treatment plans for chronic back pain sufferers as it improves sleep and pain relief.