Distraction Therapy and Exercise for Back Pain Relief

June 20, 2017

New Hampshire Spine and Sport provides pain relief. New Hampshire Spine and Sport provides Southern New Hampshire chiropractic distraction therapy. New Hampshire Spine and Sport directs exercise for back pain relief and spine stabilization and strengthening. This is an unbeatable combination of care! Exercise and distraction therapy in a solid Southern New Hampshire chiropractic treatment plan gives Southern New Hampshire back pain relief. And for patients seeking to avoid back surgery, this chiropractic approach offers a non-surgical alternative.


New Hampshire Spine and Sport cooperates with our Southern New Hampshire back pain patients to develop the relieving treatment plan. New Hampshire Spine and Sport’s experience steers this development. Assisting Southern New Hampshire back pain patients attain relief is what New Hampshire Spine and Sport does.  With such experience and confidence, do better outcomes occur for Southern New Hampshire back pain patients at New Hampshire Spine and Sport? Likely reports a new study. When a musculoskeletal patient anticipates a good outcome from the care he or she is undergoing, the odds of a positive outcome are increased. What about the fondness for a type of treatment? Does the patient’s or healthcare provider’s preference  for treatment type influence the outcome? The provider’s does; the patient’s does not as much. Intriguing! The odds of living up to a back pain patient’s expectations for back pain relief increased by 69.3 times when that back pain patient underwent care from a healthcare provider team which strongly favored the care recommended to the patient. The patient’s preference for a back pain relief intervention method didn’t improve the odds as much (just 29.7 times). It seems the provider’s influence and preference is more influential than the patient’s preference. (1) Wow! Your Southern New Hampshire chiropractor is sure that the Southern New Hampshire treatment plan which likely includes Cox Technic flexion distraction for spine pain, neck pain, and back pain will assist in the relief of Southern New Hampshire pain patients. New Hampshire Spine and Sport has witnessed many Southern New Hampshire back pain patients feel tremendous relief!


Including non-surgical distraction therapy to the care of lumbar disc herniation assists the back pain relief. Patients suffering with back pain for at least 8 weeks obtained electrotherapy, massage and stabilization exercises. They did well. The pain and function improved along with a reduction in the size of the disc herniation. But those patients who also underwent the distraction therapy found more improvement. Their clinical and radiological evidence when care was over was better. The disc herniation reduction was more evident in the patients with distraction therapy addition to the treatment plan. (2) That is not surprising at all! New Hampshire Spine and Sport sees it all the time!


New Hampshire Spine and Sport takes a multi-faceted approach to back pain reduction. Spinal manipulation with Cox Technic flexion distraction mixed with patient exercises to stabilize and strengthen the back along with nutrition, educational tools, and other modalities like heat/ice, massage, and trigger point therapy works for Southern New Hampshire back pain.

Schedule a Southern New Hampshire chiropractic appointment today. New Hampshire Spine and Sport delivers a solid plan for back pain relief.