April 10, 2012
Chronic lower back pain is terrible! If you have it, you know it. When you get up in the morning frightened about hurting or try to not move a specific way so you won’t hurt your lower back, you get exhausted of chronic lower back pain. New Hampshire Spine and Sport appreciates this and is here to help.

Southern New Hampshire chronic lower back pain responds well to our chiropractic care which involves exercise advice to your tolerance. Researchers study exercise for chronic lower back pain relief and report that exercise relieves it. (1). How? It all begins with your head, rather inside your head. Let go of the fear. Fear of pain holds you back from living it up in Southern New Hampshire. Helpful exercise for chronic lower back pain relief begins moderately and easily and building up to more over time. The of exercise isn’t to run a marathon or mountain climb necessarily, but to enjoy your life again. Right?

image stretches to help with lower back painSo start with some simple Southern New Hampshire lower back pain exercises like our “basic 10.” You don’t have to run out and buy new Southern New Hampshire fancy equipment. Just start with you and a couple reps and build up your strength. If you have a stability ball and find it fun to work with, check out our stability ball exercises for back pain relief. They’re fun and simple. Check with us first, of course, before starting!

Now, if you want to give yourself a little extra boost, you’ll like this new research study. Strength-training as little as 6 times a month may help. Those who did this for 6 months found an extra 12% of relief. (2) Not bad! But also not totally necessary. You’ll do well if you just exercise gently at home as New Hampshire Spine and Sport demonstrates.

As your chronic lower back pain relief partner, New Hampshire Spine and Sport is here to share its chiropractic services as well as some tips to exercise for pain relief. Let’s talk about exercise for your chronic lower back pain at your next Southern New Hampshire chiropractic visit. Contact us today!