New Hampshire Spine and Sports Southern New Hampshire Chiropractic Care Eases Chronic Back and Neck Pain

October 30, 2018

Chronic pain. Opioid use. Life change. Adding chiropractic care alleviates these issues for many Southern New Hampshire low back pain and Southern New Hampshire neck pain patients. New Hampshire Spine and Sport gives pain-relieving and opioid-use risk-reducing treatment that may return a neck pain or back pain patient to an enjoyable life with less pain.

Southern New Hampshire CHRONIC PAIN

Southern New Hampshire chronic pain felt by a person makes him/her a member of a group s/he did not intend  to join. Chronic pain, pain that persists for more than three months, influences a Southern New Hampshire pain sufferers’ quality of life as well as that of those around him/her. This is where chiropractic may help. Chiropractors like your Southern New Hampshire chiropractor at New Hampshire Spine and Sport see Southern New Hampshire patients with chronic neck pain and low back pain regularly. A recent study of 2,024 chiropractic patients in the US reported that, as a group, these chronic pain patients experienced significant improvement in their health-related quality of life over time, especially for pain. The study concluded that chiropractic benefits the functioning and well-being of chronic low back pain and neck pain patients. (1)


At one health center that integrated chiropractic care into their services, a chronic pain patient with an extensive history of pain discovered relief when chiropractic care was added to her overall care approach. Most recently, she experienced neck and back pain after a car accident 3 years prior. Furthermore, she had knee pain and pain due to over 20 surgeries in her life, depression, opioid dependence, and low quality of life. After 6 months of chiropractic care which incorporated manipulation for neck and back pain as well as nutrition and exercise recommendations, she described improvement in pain and quality of life as well as discontinuation of opioid pain medications. (2) New Hampshire Spine and Sport uses the Cox Technic system of spine pain management with its comprehensive treatment plan inclusive of nutrition and exercise to boost the odds of our Southern New Hampshire chiropractic patients' recovery. New Hampshire Spine and Sport enjoys being a part of Southern New Hampshire chiropractic patients’ joy when this happens.


Though third-party payers want to limit coverage for chiropractic care, visiting a chiropractor on a more frequent basis for “maintenance care” is helpful. A new study compared patients who obtained chiropractic care for bothersome low back pain on a consistent basis to those who received chiropractic care just when symptoms appeared. Chiropractic care on a regular basis was more effective in decreasing the total number of days annually that patients experienced troubling low back pain. Yes, these patients had more chiropractic visits, but they reported less back pain. The researchers suggested that maintenance care be considered a low back pain prevention option. (3) New Hampshire Spine and Sport is here to partner with any Southern New Hampshire back pain or neck pain patient desiring reduced pain and better quality of life.

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Listen to this PODCAST with Dr. Marc Baker on The Back Doctors Podcast with Dr. Michael Johnson about successful chiropractic treatment of chronic back pain patients using Cox® Technic spinal manipulation.

Schedule a Southern New Hampshire chiropractic appointment today. Relief from Southern New Hampshire chronic pain, a potential reduction in dependence on opioid medication, and a more pleasant life may be in your future with Southern New Hampshire chiropractic care at New Hampshire Spine and Sport!

Southern New Hampshire chronic pain cared for with chiropractic may improve pain, reduce opioid use, and improve life.