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May 31, 2022

When back pain arises (and/or has turned into chronic low back pain) so too does the concern of which healthcare professional to consult. It’s a valid question! Research reports  that the first healthcare professional establishes the course for care, cost, and outcome of the back pain spell. A new study reported that first-provider chiropractic care endedup being less expensive than care by other first-provider healthcare professionals. New Hampshire Spine and Sport provides individualized treatment plans for Southern New Hampshire back pain relief and prevention.

CHRONIC LOW BACK PAIN: Contributing and Preventing Factors

Even though chronic low back pain is notably common in older adults, research just has not defined what contributes to it or to its prevention. One analysis of 4 databases of 31,080 older adults uncovered an extensive list of issues that may contribute (from being female, obese, anxious, depressed, having fallen, lifestyle issues like smoking, having weak abdominal muscles, occupational issues like having a job for longer than 10 years that necessitated bending/lifting, etc.) and issues that may prevent chronic low back pain (intermediate level of leisure-time physical activity). (1) These researchers, New Hampshire Spine and Sport, and our patients would like to know more conclusively what triggers chronic low back pain! Even more wanted is guidance on how to manage it.


A survey of US office-based physicians tackled how referrals affected the care of back pain. The participants were questioned as to their referrals for particular complementary health approaches like herbs/non-vitamin supplements, chiropractic and osteopathic manipulation, acupuncture and mind-body therapies (meditation, guided imagery, progressive relaxation). 60% of the physicians stated they endorsed these approaches when patients asked for them. More female than male physicians related using evidence in peer-reviewed journals as reasoning for recommending such approaches. (2) An additional troubling factor for female back pain patients is that they are consistently seen as having higher levels of frailty than men. (3) Frailty is always a concern in our older patients. New Hampshire Spine and Sport is always prepared to discuss the benefits – perceived by patients and verified by research – of chiropractic and more specifically, Cox® Technic, with interested healthcare physicians and spine pain sufferers.


Another review of 3,799,593 low back pain patients surfaced this past month emphasizing how influential the first healthcare provider was in their study on cost and outcome for back pain. Healthcare utilization (imaging, prescriptions, tests, visits, etc.), opioid prescribing, and cost were greater when consulting certain providers first: orthopedist ($9434), acupuncturist ($9205), primary care physician ($5660), and chiropractor ($5093). (4) Consulting which provider first resulted in the lowest cost of care without any delay in diagnosis or serious illness? The chiropractor! With regards to back pain, neck pain and spine-related pain, Southern New Hampshire chiropractic care makes sense.

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Listen to this PODCAST with Dr. Keith Bartley on The Back Doctors Podcast with Dr. Michael Johnson as he describes the positive outcome for a lumbar spinal stenosis low back pain sufferer who got relief with The Cox® Technic System of Spinal Pain Management after she had consulted other healthcare professionals.               

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Southern New Hampshire chiropractic care like that delivered at New Hampshire Spine and Sport is shown to result in less cost.