March 18, 2014

Breaking News! Spinal manipulation raises water content in the disc and diminishes pain intensity!

New Hampshire Spine and Sport is inspired to share with our Southern New Hampshire back pain patients this news. We listen as our patients go into detail about their relief while being treated and after the treatment, so it’s great to have research document and explain that relief! The Southern New Hampshire chiropractic care at New Hampshire Spine and Sport is certainly beneficial.

Many patients coming to New Hampshire Spine and Sport have disc degeneration, a condition that finds the intervertebral disc lacking its original height and fluid and nutrients. Disc degeneration or any number of other spine conditions may cause our Southern New Hampshire patients pain. Our chiropractic services are pain relieving, gentle and effective for many Southern New Hampshire back pain sufferers. Explaining the reasons for this relief is important for all of us.

This is a picture of Cox Technic chiropratic spinal manipulation as performed at New Hampshire Spine and Sport.Now, the latest study about the water content of the disc and spinal manipulation’s effect on it noted patients’ responses to it.  and following the spinal manipulation, the authors report an immediate increase in the water content of the disc in the low back at the L1-2 and L2-3 and L4-5 levels of the lumbar spine! This is positive proof for the benefit of spinal manipulation in treating back pain. Patients in this study also note relief of pain intensity while undergoing spinal manipulation. (1) Our Southern New Hampshire back patients do, too.

As a side note: Another study pointed out that drinking water 36 hours before a spinal manipulation session is also beneficial. (2) The more water available, the more it can get into the disc during spinal manipulation. This can only help!

Our spinal manipulation of choice for Southern New Hampshire clients is Cox Technic Flexion Distraction. Not only is it relieving, it’s evidence-based and research-documented via federally funded research with the National Institutes of Health and the U.S. Health Resources and Services Administration with nearly 50 years of experience behind it. That’s important to New Hampshire Spine and Sport to have support behind what we do.

So, drink some water, and contact New Hampshire Spine and Sport today to set up your next Southern New Hampshire chiropractic spinal manipulation appointment. Your discs will thank you!