Chiropractic Benefits Southern New Hampshire Neck Pain and Dizziness

January 28, 2020

Dizziness and neck pain. Are they linked? Science may not have the correlating research to say yes conclusively, but if a Southern New Hampshire neck pain patient experiences dizziness, it does not really count what the research states. There is neck pain and dizziness! New Hampshire Spine and Sport takes care of Southern New Hampshire neck pain with chiropractic care, and related dizziness may be helped too.


A new paper just came out discussing a potential neck pain and dizziness connection. It makes sense. Cervical spine muscles in the neck connect with vestibular (inner ear/balance center), visual and other centers that help with proprioception, our sense of position and movement of the body. When proprioception is not right due to neck issues, disorientation and imbalance may result. The term “cervicogenic dizziness” explains dizziness and related neck pain in patients with cervical spine issues. There’s no one exact test a doctor can do that tells that a patient has “cervicogenic dizziness.” However, a patient who experienced dizziness and neck pain was treated with chiropractic adjustment and ultrasound therapy reported relief in this study. (1) New Hampshire Spine and Sport calls any Southern New Hampshire neck pain and dizziness patients to stop by for chiropractic care!


New Hampshire Spine and Sport uses a unique type of chiropractic treatment in Cox® Technic. Cox® Technic is gentle distraction, no rapid motions or cracking. It’s very well received. For patients who have spinal stenosis due to a disc herniation that also has arm pain, 15 treatments in 10 weeks relieved the pain, and the relief held through the 2 years’ follow-up. (2) It is not surprising that chiropractic patients are willing to pay $37.32 out of pocket to manage their chronic neck pain and its reduction. (3) An Australian study looked at older adults who had neck pain and sought care from a chiropractor. One in 5 people over 70 years of age experience neck pain. 45.5% of them has neck pain. 31.3% of them also said they had headache. 57.3% of chiropractors reported moderate relief for their patients with dizziness. Migraine sufferers needed many more visits than patients with headache to get relief. (4) There is hope with Southern New Hampshire chiropractic care for neck pain, headache and dizziness at New Hampshire Spine and Sport.


Chiropractors like your very own one at New Hampshire Spine and Sport appreciate evidence-based recommendations for patient care. Uncomplicated neck pain as well as such with headache or radicular symptoms, “best practice” recommendations created from “best available scientific evidence” are chiropractic manipulation and multimodal care. An initial trial of 6 to 12 treatments is realistic with a shift from passive care to active care and self-care. (5) The Cox® Technic System of spinal pain management established a well-researched and documented treatment plan for neck pain relief.

Listen to this PODCAST with Dr. David Kulla on The Back Doctors Podcast with Dr. Michael Johnson. He explains how Cox® Technic helped relieve neck pain for a woman with neck pain and headache.

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