Drug Combinations for Southern New Hampshire Back Pain and Sciatica Not Effective

April 28, 2020

Wouldn’t it be nice to take a pill – or maybe better: a combination of pills! - and have your Southern New Hampshire back pain or neck pain fade away immediately? You aren’t alone! New Hampshire Spine and Sport can understand. Pain disrupts our flow. Back pain prevents many Southern New Hampshire back pain sufferers from working and from playing and from doing activities of daily living that must be done (walking, showering, cooking, cleaning, dressing, etc.). When back pain affects you or someone close to you, visit New Hampshire Spine and Sport for relief and chiropractic advice about how to manage it without drugs when or if drugs are not working or are not in your treatment plan.


Having drugs in the treatment plan may be successful for some back pain sufferers and not others. Pills may deliver relief for some hours, days, weeks, months or not any. A new Cochrane Review, one of the most highly regarded medical review systems in the world, stated that a drug combination, though may be better for more pain relief, for low back pain and sciatica is not supported. There is no clear evidence, as a matter of fact there is a shortage of studies and overall low quality of evidence, that supports drug combinations for low back pain and sciatica. Further, the risk of adverse effects is less with single drug therapy over combined. (1) Have you had a let-down from prescribed medications for your back pain? It is fine. New Hampshire Spine and Sport cares for back pain sufferers like you.


New Hampshire Spine and Sport’s use of the Cox® Technic System of Spinal Pain Management which incorporates a specialized form of spinal manipulation has assisted countless Southern New Hampshire back pain sufferers obtain back pain relief. Spinal manipulation is recommended as first line treatment of back pain by the American College of Physicians and the American Board of Family Physicians. (2) Cox® Technic has been shown in federally funded spinal research studies to drop intradiscal pressures, widen the intervertebral canal area, and increase disc height. (3,4) In clinical studies, Cox® Technic has revealed that back pain relief comes in 29 days and 12 visits. Of course, more severe disc herniations and spinal stenosis may take longer than these averages, but relief happens. (5) For many back pain sufferers, 50% relief would be most welcome. What about you?        


To heighten the relief and help our Southern New Hampshire back pain patients, New Hampshire Spine and Sport incorporated supplements into the Southern New Hampshire chiropractic treatment plan. Natural substances like spinal disc-supporting chondroitin sulfate – shown to have “genuine anti-inflammatory properties (6) - and back pain-relieving turmeric and curcumin are helpful in the short-term as well as long term. New Hampshire Spine and Sport is ready to help you discover the right combination of treatment ways to reduce your back pain.

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Listen to this PODCAST with Dr. Dan Shuman on The Back Doctors Podcast with Dr. Michael Johnson as he describes his pain relieving treatment using Cox® Technic for a patient suffering with sciatic leg pain.

Schedule your Southern New Hampshire chiropractic appointment at New Hampshire Spine and Sport soon. Together, we’ll find the right combination to maximize your Southern New Hampshire back pain relief. It’s not a pill combination, but it’s gentle and effective chiropractic care.

New Hampshire Spine and Sport offers research supported chiropractic care including spinal manipulation which may be found useful when non-research supported drug combinations don’t work.