How Long Do I Have to See The Chiropractor?

January 11, 2022

"Why do I need continued chiropractic treatments for my back pain? Why can't you, my Southern New Hampshire chiropractor, just treat it and put a stop to the pain altogether so it doesn't come back?"

This is not an uncommon question, and it's also really perceptive. The answer is logically understandable, too, though dual: we are born with spine-pain issues or we acquire them.


Some of us are born with spinal conditions that will be with us all life through. Such conditions as spondylolisthesistransitional vertebrae, fused vertebrae, and spinal curvatures are unique to one's own spine. There is no route to "get a new back bone" if one of these conditions is our own. So we must figure out how to use our spines so as to not trigger pain. Your Southern New Hampshire chiropractor at New Hampshire Spine and Sport can deliver the spinal manipulation intended to relieve your specific spinal condition. Then, you will want to consider its 

  • proper ergonomic use (how to lift, bend, twist, sit, stand, walk, climb, reach, pull, etc.). You do not want to put your now-pain-relieved spine in jeopardy again.
  • nutritional needs - New Hampshire Spine and Sport will suggest some nutrition ideas to improve certain weaknesses of the spine.
  • strengthening prerequisites - Our simple exercises do not take long but will take you and your spine far in keeping it strong!

It is in these continued spine problems that we - you and your Southern New Hampshire chiropractor - must collaborate for the best outcome, even coming in for occasional spinal manipulation. (1)


Some of us hurt our backs. We do things that hurt the best of spines: tumbling off a snowmobile or ladder or wakeboard or lifting too much weight. You get the picture - things we do in our normal activities of daily living may harm us, and we wind up with back pain. So, when we hurt the spine to the level that we trigger intervertebral disc degeneration, a herniated discarthritis, misaligned vertebrae, etc., we now will contend with a spinal weakness which may become the vulnerable link in our spinal health.

We all must nurture a strong, well-aligned spine and utilize the spine with the respect and knowledge of dodging those activities that could cause it pain.

How? You and your Southern New Hampshire chiropractor see each other occasionally. A recurring visit to New Hampshire Spine and Sport for spinal alignment and review of healthy spine maintenance is appropriate. Post-continued spinal manipulation after the initial pain-relieving care is even suggested as a way to chieve long-term benefit. (1) Truly, prevention is far better than having to go through repeated treatment of Southern New Hampshire back pain. It avoids pain and suffering in the present and reduces the risk of further spine pain in the future.


A recent report described the reality of low back pain being a major reason for disability around the world. It’s persistent or recurrent for many people. It is not known to just go away and never return. Luckily, chiropractic maintenance care or management treatment plan has been reported as effective in reducing the number of days of pain for some sufferers. Patients for whom maintenance care was recorded to be of high value viewed such care as “patient-centered” while cost, (un)availability of care, and fear of treatment worried others. (2) New Hampshire Spine and Sport strives to address all of these concerns which often go away as the back pain decreases.

Whether you were born with it or developed it, back pain is not fun. Alleviation of your pain is possible with New Hampshire Spine and Sport. Just understand that there is a logical need and even benefit for occasional spinal manipulation and chiropractic care for certain spine conditions. (1)

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Listen to this PODCAST with Dr. William Hoffman on The Back Doctors Podcast with Dr. Michael Johnson as he describes the initial back pain relieving treatment with The Cox® Technic System of Spinal Pain Management and the benefit patients discover with on-going chiropractic care. 

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There is value in seeing your chiropractor beyond pain relief especially for spinal conditions that you’ll have the rest of your life.