August 12, 2014

Headache. It’s a pain! Almost everyone experiences one from time to time. New Hampshire Spine and Sport sees many Southern New Hampshire headache sufferers in its practice. Generally, New Hampshire Spine and Sport is successful in reducing the headache pain with its chiropractic spinal manipulation and care as well as returning cervical range of motion to the cervical spine that may be reduced by a painful headache. So what is the latest on causes of headache and just how does chiropractic help with headache relief?

First, what adds to headache / severe migraine occurrence? A new study reports these findings: 67.6% of headache sufferers report a family history of headache, 15.6% anxiety, and 29.3% depression. They have seen a physician for their headache 3 times average in the past 2 years. 27.6% saw a general practitioner, 18.5% of them sought help from a neurologist while 28% went to urgent care for their headache. 39% of these headache sufferers used non-pharmacologic care for their headache: 27% used chiropractic manipulation and 18.2% used massage. (1) Specifically, a case report of a headache patient with persistent headache for 11 months found relief with chiropractic manipulation and adjunctive care in 5 treatments over 6 weeks. (2) New Hampshire Spine and Sport invites Southern New Hampshire headache sufferers to come to the chiropractic clinic for a trial of relieving spinal manipulation.

Then, evidence advises that chiropractic care improves cervical range of motion and pain in whiplash related disorders. (3) Range of motion is so important for us modern day Southern New Hampshire people. Just imagine trying to back out of a parking space without turning your head due to pain. Now manual and manipulative therapies are effective treatments for tension-type headache to improve cervical range of motion as well as pain perception. (4) New Hampshire Spine and Sport readily shares this research to help our Southern New Hampshire adult headache sufferers.

But headache isn’t just found just in Southern New Hampshire adults. Southern New Hampshire adolescents surely experience headache as well.  In a study of 404,206 adolescents (mean age of 13.7 years) in 28 countries, 54.1% of them reported headache occurrence of at least once a month in the past 6 months. (5) Do our Southern New Hampshire adolescents have headache like that? If so, bring them to New Hampshire Spine and Sport!

So contact New Hampshire Spine and Sport for chiropractic care and relief of headache and a return of related lost cervical range of motion. New Hampshire Spine and Sport is here to help!