August 16, 2016

Back surgery. It sounds like the answer to the problem of back pain.  Go in and take out or ‘fix’ what’s causing the pain. The problem is that it’s not as easy as it sounds nor are the outcomes always as positive as hoped. New Hampshire Spine and Sport helps back pain sufferers avoid back surgery if they want a non-surgical alternative. There is a place for back surgery. The key to its success for the individual back pain sufferer is determining when and if back surgery is appropriate. Southern New Hampshire chiropractic patients know they can rely on New Hampshire Spine and Sport to guide that decision.

The New York Times featured an article discussing back surgery and its use. The author points out that even after clinical trials completed by the early 2000’s showed that spinal fusion did no better than non-surgical alternatives, surgeons continued doing these surgeries until 2012 when a large insurance carrier, Blue Cross Blue Shield, quit paying for them. Dr. Richard Deyo, a respected and prolific spine researcher, even said “It may be that financial disincentives accomplished something that scientific evidence alone didn’t.” (1) New Hampshire Spine and Sport recognizes that it’s important to keep up with the latest in spinal treatment approaches and their research outcomes for Southern New Hampshire back pain patients.

A new research study reports that women have poorer surgical outcomes than men for lumbar disc herniation. They both get relief with surgery, but one year later, women experience poorer outcomes. Why? Pre-operatively, women use more analgesics, walk less distance, have more back and leg pain, report a lower quality of life and higher disability. This remains the same one year after back surgery. (2) New Hampshire Spine and Sport’s non-surgical approach to back pain relief may well help both men and women get the relief they are seeking and improve their quality of life along the way.

Post-surgical lumbar spine patients don’t get enough moderate-intensity exercise (Only 25% do.) or energy expending activity (Only 35% do.) in their lives after surgery. This sets them up for possible re-repeat surgery, postoperative back pain, and degenerative diagnoses. (3) New Hampshire Spine and Sport always asks our Southern New Hampshire post-operative back pain patients if they exercise or do rehab. If not, New Hampshire Spine and Sport encourages exercise. Even as simple an activity of walking can start a positive habit of walking more and walking further as you feel stronger and better.

To help improve your strength and quality of life, New Hampshire Spine and Sport offers the research-documented, pain-relieving treatment protocol called Cox Technic. Southern New Hampshire chiropractic patients appreciate its gentleness, its safety and its relief. Southern New Hampshire chiropractic patients actually enjoy coming to New Hampshire Spine and Sport!

Contact New Hampshire Spine and Sport. Southern New Hampshire female and male patients, post-surgical or surgery-contemplating, are welcome to explore all New Hampshire Spine and Sport has to offer in the realm of chiropractic, non-surgical care, especially today when back surgery may not be the answer for your particular back pain relief.