New Hampshire Spine and Sport Offers Chiropractic Care Which May Reduce the Need of Opioids

April 27, 2021

Opioid epidemic. It’s been in the news. A good way to avoid relying on opioids is to not even start with them. The society and the medical community are (coming) together on this. Recent research describes the benefit chiropractic care has in decreasing the need, prescribing, and use of opioids. New Hampshire Spine and Sport is happy to fulfil the additional role of pain management for Southern New Hampshire back pain sufferers!


New Hampshire Spine and Sport knows the frequent opioid use in low back pain management. Researchers do, too. They analyzed low back pain patients cared for by chiropractors to find out if said chiropractic patients were less prone to use or more likely to use lower doses of opioids for their pain. Such an effect could lead to a decreased risk of adverse effects. They saw that chiropractic patients versus non-chiropractic patients were 55% less prone to fill an opioid prescription, a considerably lower number. (1) There are many Southern New Hampshire chiropractic patients who would like to not get their opioid prescriptions. New Hampshire Spine and Sport is here to help them manage their back pain with the addition of Southern New Hampshire chiropractic care.


New Hampshire Spine and Sport often communicates with medical colleagues to be of assistance to our Southern New Hampshire back pain patients in managing their pain. Research supports such an endeavor! The study of a family medicine practice that incorporated chiropractic services found fluctuations in opioid prescription rates. The monthly rate of opioid prescription writing dropped significantly by 22%. The rate of prescription writing for schedule II opioids decreased significantly by 32% too. The likelihood of writing a schedule II opioid prescription fell by 27%, too, when chiropractic services were included. Medical providers prescribed daily doses of opioids that were 30% less than before chiropractic was included. Adding chiropractic decreased the dosage of opioids, the number of opioid prescriptions, and the kinds of opioids prescribed. The authors proposed that adding chiropractic was beneficial in opioid prescribing and implementation of a non-pharmaceutical option for pain management. (2) Working together, Southern New Hampshire healthcare providers like your chiropractor and your medical team want what is best for your health and back pain relief. We will come together to attain that goal.

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Listen to this PODCAST with DR. James Cox on The Back Doctors Podcast with Dr. Michael Johnson as he describes how Cox® Technic alleviates back pain with some discussion of the place for opioids.

Schedule your next Southern New Hampshire chiropractic appointment soon. For the epidemic of back pain and opioid use, adding Southern New Hampshire chiropractic care may be favorable in reducing the need and use of opioids. 

New Hampshire Spine and Sport presents new research that demonstrates the benefit of chiropractic care in reducing the need and use of opioids for back pain.